7 Important Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker in Atlanta

Demand These Things from Your Atlanta Mortgage Broker
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So, you have finally found your dream house and made an offer. Best still the offer has been accepted, what to do now? Or maybe your old mortgage is up for renewal and you are in the market for a better deal. 

There was a time that you would simply walk into a bank and request a mortgage. If you were offered one, you would simply accept the deal, with due obeisance, and be on your way. 

But, these days are long past and the game favors the borrower in many regards. Today you get to shop around and potentially save thousands of dollars in interest and avoid some of those institutions that have more stringent criteria for approving their mortgages. 

Considering this, you are going to need an expert to help you find the best deals on the market.

Demand These Things from Your Atlanta Mortgage Broker

Here are some of the reasons to consider a mortgage broker in Atlanta

1. Lower Rates

One of the most important advantages of seeking out a mortgage broker is that these professionals have access to many deals you will not find yourself in, even if you look very hard. A mortgage broker in Atlanta may even have access to rates that are not advertised to the public and these can be substantially smaller than those you will find from a bank or a credit union.  

2. Accessibility

Mortgage brokers have access to all kinds of products and rates. Additionally, these experts will be able to vet lending institutions and negotiate rates and more. A good mortgage broker will also have a special relation with banks and this can be very advantageous. You may find a way to avoid severe penalties and more if you have to break the mortgage for any reason. When combined with the potential for lower interests rats, the savings could be way up in the thousands.  

3. Customization

After taking the time to understand your case better, a mortgage broker will be able to find you a deal that suits your purposes. This could be working with a lender who offers a flexible payment plan or one who is more likely to make an offer to a self-employed borrower. Once again this is an advantage that comes from a wider range of lenders and financial institutions. 

4. Guide You Through the Process

One thing for sure, you have to read the fine print and pay attention to every detail when taking out a mortgage loan– and there are a lot of details. The mortgage broker can help you by making sure that all the details are observed and this makes the difference between a loan being declined and one approved. The very best mortgage broker will walk you through all steps of the process until the process is completed. 

5. No Cost

One of the greatest things about this specialized service is that often there is no charge. The mortgage brokers in Atlanta, like all mortgage brokers are given commissions by the lenders that they work with. You will have to pay a fee if you choose to use a private lender. But, in any case the mortgage broker you work with will inform you of the fees they will charge in advance.  

6. Protect Your Credit Score

If you apply for a long list of brokers by yourself, you will take a very long time to do so and also reduce your credit score. This is because a hard check is made every time a loan is taken out. When many of these are done in a short period of time, the credit score is limited. But, if you use a mortgage broker, you will not suffer this risk as they will know which is the right loan for you in one shot – thus, preserving your credit score. 

7. Save Time

If you are buying a house, you would much rather spend your time shopping for the property of your choosing. A mortgage broker will be able to handle all the work of shopping for a mortgage. After all, they have the list of lenders they know well and can narrow down the options quickly. So, convenience and efficiency could be two more benefits from using a mortgage broker in Atlanta. 


In the end, the advantages of using a mortgage broker to find financing for the home of your dreams has many advantages. The next time you are in the market for a broker, do not hesitate to contact a mortgage broker in Atlanta who can offer you long term benefits in selecting the mortgage of your dreams.