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Buying or refinancing in Atlanta is a big decision, which is why it’s more important than ever that you learn everything you can about the process before you just jump in. We’d love to help you with that! Learn more about us and why we do what we do.

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This website is owned and managed by Moreira Team Mortgage. Moreira Team is a boutique mortgage lender that has been in the Atlanta mortgage business for almost 15 years. We eat, sleep and breathe mortgage and have found that educating our clients about their mortgage options and the mortgage process, has been just as valuable as getting them a good deal.

Atlanta is an amazing area and we’re proud to call it home. Because we love living and working here in Georgia so much, it makes it easy to help local families learn as much as possible about the mortgage broker Atlanta process. As well as understanding the importance of working with an experienced, local mortgage broker.

Knowing the local Atlanta Georgia mortgage market like the back of our hand should be a given for any local mortgage professional you consider working with. Market knowledge can be the difference between you overpaying for your mortgage or getting a great deal.

Having worked in the mortgage business for so long, the one thing we understand best is that an informed customer always gets the best deal. Always. This is exactly why we started Moreira Team Mortgage. We wanted those about to buy a home or refinance their current home to be as informed as possible before diving right in.

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